Data-driven Insights

EEC performance reports offer comprehensive analyses of both live and simulated historical performance for each auto-trading portfolio. By examining this data, you can acquire valuable insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of our algorithmic strategies, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding their suitability for your risk tolerance and investment goals.

Compare & Contrast

These reports provide a comparison between the S&P 500 and our advanced next-generation autotrading systems. By analysing the difference in performance, you’ll develop a deeper insight into how these systems can potentially enhance the stability of your investment portfolio.

The Right Program For You

We recognize that investors have varying funding levels, objectives, and risk tolerances. We provide a range of programs tailored to different funding requirements and risk profiles, allowing you to select the program that aligns best with your specific needs.

Risk Analysis

Our performance reports go beyond showcasing the returns and growth potential of our automated algorithmic trading solutions; they also shed light on the associated risks. Recognizing that drawdowns are inherent in investing and setting realistic expectations are pivotal for any investor. Our reports provide you with the essential insights to determine whether EEC programs can effectively support your pursuit of financial objectives.

Transparent & Real

At our core, we prioritize transparency and deliver genuine live trading performance data for our programs, showcasing not just our own accounts but also those of our clients

Requiring individuals to fill out a form before accessing our performance report is a security measure that ensures the protection of sensitive financial data and helps us better engage with genuinely interested parties. This process promotes transparency and safeguards our investors’ interests.

Once the form is filled out you will be sent our performance report.