We acknowledge your diligent efforts in amassing your wealth, and recognise the imperative need to safeguard and augment it, irrespective of future uncertainties. Elite Eagles Capital extends its services to investors spanning more than 20 countries, each with a distinct approach to wealth accumulation. Regardless of the origins of your accumulated wealth, you’ve found your optimal destination. Our clients include: 

‣ Small business owners

‣ Doctors, dentists, lawyers, airline pilots and business executives

‣ Real estate investors

‣ Stocks, ETFs and bonds investors

‣ Forex, commodity and hedge fund investors

‣ Bitcoin and crypto investors

‣ Family offices, accredited, QEP and other high net worth investors


Retail Solution – This automated trading program diligently tracks the NASDAQ futures markets, aiming to pinpoint and seize enticing intraday momentum and mean reversion opportunities rooted in distinctive events, price patterns, and machine-learning ensembles. To bolster stability in returns, the program employs diversification, along with A.I. signal confirmation, deploying over 15 distinct intraday trading strategies that exhibit low correlation. Our research has validated these strategies’ ability to navigate the challenges posed by the 2008 bear market.

Institutional Solution – Our Institutional solution represents Elite Eagles Capital’s pinnacle of diversification, tailored for larger investors aiming for reduced portfolio volatility. It incorporates the same strategies found in our Retail and retirement solutions, including Harpy29 and Golden V1, complemented by an exclusive portfolio of well-established, long-term strategies customized for specialized markets such as NASDAQ. These handpicked “select” strategies, unique to the Institutional solution, play a vital role in achieving the program’s objective of delivering consistent returns with minimal volatility. Additionally, it stands out as our most adaptable quantitative trading program, suitable for trading with significantly more or less capital than our suggested minimum funding level, catering exclusively to well-qualified investors.

Retirement Solution – The dynamic synergy between the Harpy29 and Golden V1 automated trading strategies actively tracks real-time price movements in equity index futures and currency markets, seeking out and seizing appealing long and short intraday opportunities. By combining these advanced day trading algorithms, we enhance the likelihood of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns.

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