The investment process with us is incredibly simple, removing the period of time needed for verification with our broker, you can be signed up within 10 minutes.
Yes, investing in the financial market always carries risk as market conditions can affect the value of investments.
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As well as following us on social media, if you are an investor, you will receive daily email updates from our broker and direct contact with out client relationship manager.
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Withdrawals are generally processed within 1 day. Depending on your withdrawal method, it can take anywhere between 1-7 business days to receive your funds.
Our primary objective is the preservation of our clients’ capital, which is why we have strategically diversified our portfolio across various quantitative long and short strategies, tailored to perform effectively in diverse market conditions. Furthermore, we have implemented sophisticated risk management features to safeguard the durability of our clients’ investments.
At Elite Eagles Capital, data holds paramount importance in an ever-evolving landscape of marketing conditions, encompassing both historical and current dynamics. Our adept utilization of advanced technology for data acquisition and analysis has empowered us to gain profound insights into risk assessment, enabling us to formulate a multitude of strategies. This strategic advantage has subsequently positioned us favorably within the market.
1. Submit an ‘Enquiry Form’, which can be found in the ‘Services’ section of the website. 2. One of our client relationship managers will be in contact to help with any additional questions, and help guide you through our on-boarding processes. 3. The broker’s compliance team will need personal details to complete their/our KYC and verify your account. 4. After verification, your now ‘Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager’ will help with the deposit, and assist throughout the whole process. 5. After the investment has been received, the funds will be accredited to your trading account, that has been registered under our Master Account. 6. You’ll then be kept up-to-date by your dedicated client relationship manager, and will receive updates regarding trading performances and market conditions by our trade desk on a weekly basis. 7. You’ll also receive an account statement via email, from the Broker upon market close every Friday.